NPSS is a state of the art simulation tool that is becoming the Gold Standard for system modeling in the aerospace industry.

This advanced performance analysis environment was originally designed at NASA GRC in cooperation with a consortium of leading aerospace firms. NPSS was created as an object-oriented engineering environment for use in the analysis and design of complex systems and includes an open architecture with a flexible user interface. The extensible framework provides an unprecedented level of interoperability and allows NPSS models to be readily interfaced with many commercial off the shelf software and customer developed applications. The ability to interface with multiple and diverse tools allows users to test the interactions between the system and specific subsystems and/or external system models. The powerful architecture enables NPSS to be used throughout the life cycle of the product.

NPSS models are used in both preliminary and advanced design, development, test, manufacturing, operations, and more. These features make NPSS an invaluable tool for anyone creating products involving complex systems.

Benefits of Using NPSS:


* Increase modeling flexibility

* Improve productivity and accuracy earlier in the design process

* Reduce dependency on resident code experts

* Facilitate large scale and multi-platform system simulations

* Significantly reduce development time

* Decrease the risk of failure during development

* Reduce waste of materials and resources

* Support Plug-N-Play NPSS Internal Codes

* Eliminate inefficient date exchange by minimizing manual data transfers

* Decrease risk and increase passenger safety

* Reduce the cost of support, development and training


Current Uses for NPSS:


* Commercial and Military Engines

* Rocket Engines

* Fuel Cells

* Analog Controls

* Combined Cycle Engines

* Thermal Management Systems

* Ideal Controls

* Air Frame Vehicles Preliminary Design