Save time and money by letting Wolverine Ventures build a custom validation model to your specifications. As the unparalleled resource for NPSS™ modeling and coding, WVI can interface with virtually any legacy or COTS software. We can create model architectures, elements, subelements, functions and tables to provide you with advanced technological solutions for your modeling projects. Let our extensive expertise in NPSS™ turn your vision into a reality.

We offer personalized consultation services to help you create a custom model that produces reliable results and provides you with creative and innovative solutions for your modeling challenges.

Custom Models WVI has built in NPSS:

Aircraft Thermal Management System - Generic Model for High Speed Aircraft.
Industrial Power Turbine System - A Large Frame Power Turbine for electrical generation.
Commercial Small Business Jet Engine - Detailed Model including heat transfer, tip clearance, evaporation, and volume dynamics effects, multiple failure modes, and control integration.
Joint Strike Fighter Thermal Management System - Modeled the core, connected subsystems being cooled and an ideal control that automatically modeled degradation logic.
Air Vehicle Model with Engine - Framework for preliminary design of air frames.
Combine Cycle Power Generation System - Brayton/Rankine cycle power generation, demonstrates the use of multiple fluid types, two phase flows and closed loop fluid cycles.
Vapor-compression refrigeration cycle.

We are committed to excellence in serving our customers and strive to provide a rewarding and satisfying experience in the modeling solutions we create. We constantly seek innovation and creative solutions to help find the answers for the technological challenges of today. Whether you need a simple baseline model or a highly complex system model WVI is the resource for all of your modeling needs.