WVI, the unparalleled resource for NPSS related services is committed to providing you with the support and service you need to make the most of your software purchase. To assist you in implementing the NPSS advanced engineering simulation environment and to help maximize the benefits of NPSS, we offer the following training course options.

Locations: Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
On-site Customer Training

(Contact us regarding arrangements and costs for on-site training)

Basic NPSS Training - Two Day Course

The basic session provides a working knowledge of NPSS software with a concentrated focus on NPSS syntax and creating or modifying system models using a simple turbojet engine for working examples. This course is designed for users who are computer proficient, have some system modeling knowledge and have little or no NPSS experience.

Key Topics will include:

* The Object Oriented paradigm and how it relates to NPSS.

* A Basic Overview of NPSS.

* NPSS Structure and Capabilities.

* NPSS Syntax:  object-oriented language, variables, functions, tables, logic, loops.

* Working with NPSS thermo packages and FlowStations.

* Using the NPSS Solver.

* NPSS Component Library-Compressor, Turbine, Shaft, etc.


• Building simple ("rig") models.

• Running and manipulating a single-spool turbojet (steady-state).

• Enhancing a single-spool turbojet model using the solver, functions and loops.

• Running models in design and off-design mode (steady-state).

• Converting a single-spool turbojet into a twin-spool turbojet.

• Converting a twin-spool turbojet into a twin-spool turbofan.


Basic/Advanced Hybrid Training - Three Day Course

Our most popular training course!  This session combines the fundamental concepts of the Two Day Basic Training Course with a third day dedicated to relevant topics selected from our Advanced Training Course (see list of topics below).  Topics will be chosen to meet a customer's specific interests to fully maximize the benefits and capabilities of NPSS.  We will work with each customer to determine the material appropriate for their session. This Three Day Course allows time to discuss topics relevant to each customer and explore some off-topic subject matter as well.

Advanced NPSS Concepts - Two Day Course


The Advanced Two Day Training Course covers all of the key topics listed below.  The session utilizes the simple turbojet model from the Basic Training Course to introduce NPSS capabilites such as transient operation and data reduction.  This course is designed for experienced NPSS users and/or those who have take either the NPSS Basic or Hybrid Course.

Key Topics will include:

* FlowStation static properties.

* Building custom Elements and Subelements.

* Converting a single spool turbojet to power generation cycle.

* Custom fluids using the Fluid Property Table (FPT) thermo package.

* Creating a combined cycle power generation plant (Brayton "topping" cycle and Rankine "bottoming" cycle).

* An In-depth explanation of the Solver:


• Independents, Dependents, Integrators, Constraints

• Transient operation (time domain)

• Discrete State Variables

• Nested solvers (steady-state)


* Running a single-spool turbojet transiently (in the time domain).

* Data Reduction mode.

* Compiling elements and tables.

* NPSS search paths.

* Discussions about coupling NPSS with external programs.

* Miscellaneous Topics Include:

• Secant Solvers

• Function Variables

• Interactive Debugger

• Discussion about coupling NPSS with external programs



$2,000 - 2 day session for up to three attendees. $250 for each additional attendee.

$3,000 - 3 day session for up to three attendees. $375 for each additional attendee.

$4,000 - 4 day session for up to three attendees. $500 for each additional attendee.

Desktop/Laptop Computer with Windows XP or later or Linux Operating System.
Details: Attendees will need a computer with NPSS 2.3 installed and a language-sensitive text editor such as Notepad++.
Classes are eight hours per day.
All sessions include interactive examples and will allow for question and answer periods.
All course materials will be provided.
A 90 Evaluation Edition of NPSS™ will be provided to all attendees.

More Information

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